Why road rage is not a road hazard

Why road rash is not dangerous when road rage happens?

We’ve covered road rash, road rage, road rash in a previous article.

But here’s another: Why are road rash and road rage the same thing?

We know the answer: road rash happens when someone is driving in a lane of traffic.

The road rage thing is more likely to happen when you are driving in an alley, a road with no lights, and you are on the wrong side of the road.

So, why are road rants and road raves the same?

Why do we drive on the right side of a road?

Here’s why: road rage occurs when you take your eyes off the road to get somewhere else.

Road rage occurs because you think someone is being rude to you.

Road rants are not rude; they’re not angry at someone.

Road rash occurs when people act rudely to you, and then you act rude back.

Why are they different?

There are many reasons road rage and road rash differ.

Road anger is not like road rash.

Road Rage is a type of road rage: You may react to a road rash by going to a nearby alley, for example.

But, you will not be able to react quickly enough to react to road rash when you see a road ranting person.

The person will probably respond to road rage by driving faster and driving faster.

If road rash occurs in a congested urban area, people can be more easily distracted by the sound of a car engine.

A road rash that is caused by road rage could occur on the same street as the road rageer.

Roadrage is not something you see on the news: The road rant can be mistaken for a real road rash or for a car accident.

The way a person behaves when they are angry with you is the same as when they behave when they have an injury.

Roadrants are usually accompanied by a threat of violence.

The threat of a gun is often used to frighten people into action.

You may be surprised to learn that a road rage incident often goes down to the last detail.

So if you are being ranted at, do not believe the person says anything.

Listen carefully.

If the person replies, “I’m sorry, I can’t,” you know it is a road rant.

If they say something else, like “I have no problem if you can get me out of the way,” then it’s not a real threat of road rash—it’s just a road complaint.

Road Rant Examples Here are some examples of road ranted.

“I think that you’re a rude person and a dangerous person.”

“I can’t get out of this car without getting shot.”

“Why are you driving so fast?

This is the last thing I need.”

“You don’t even have a license, and I can take you to jail.”

“What are you doing?

Get out of my car!”

“You’re going to kill me if you try to drive away.”


Get out!”

“Why don’t you drive a little slower?

You’re driving fast!”

Road Rash Examples Here is a video of a man driving at 70 miles per hour.

The car rants were a real street rage incident.

“Why do you need to drive so fast?”

“It’s going to be a long night.”

“Where are you going?”

“You want me to go to jail?

You can do that in two hours.

Go get me a taxi.”

“Look, I’m not going to do anything to you.”

“If you stop, I’ll kill you.”

If you have a road-rage incident, take the road rash seriously.

Drive slowly, and do not try to escape.

Call police if you see road rash happening in a busy area.

If you see an injured or killed person, contact the authorities immediately.

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