Why i-80 traffic is so heavy with broken roads, broken lanes

In the wake of the tornado, a slew of road conditions have become an issue for people in the city of Rockford, Illinois.

A new report by the Illinois Department of Transportation states that the I-80 freeway is at “high capacity” with nearly 2,000 vehicles stalled or stranded on the freeway.

According to the report, at least 13 crashes have been reported along the interstate in Rockford in the past two days.

At least four people have died on the highway, according to the ILDOT, including a woman who was hit by a vehicle that crashed through the guard rail on the interstate.

The ILDORTS report notes that the freeway has seen some of the worst traffic congestion in the country.

As of March 6, the interstate has seen more than 1.4 million vehicle trips.

“The I-70/I-80 corridor is currently experiencing severe traffic congestion, with traffic jams impacting daily driving, and delays that can last up to 24 hours,” the report reads.

“Highway conditions and conditions in the adjacent area are also a concern.

A number of accidents and incidents are occurring along the I40/I70 corridor due to the highway’s heavy traffic.”

The I70/Hwy 80 corridor was one of the first highways in the nation to be rebuilt in the 1970s, and now spans more than 60 miles of road in the Chicago area.

It has been plagued by congestion for decades, and is still largely a bottleneck for drivers due to construction.

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