Why does Jones Road need to be taken down?

The singer and songwriter who founded the influential American rock band Jones Road was arrested in the US for allegedly conspiring to distribute methamphetamine and a number of weapons in 2014, according to documents filed in the UK. 

In the latest court documents, police allege Jones Road’s leader, the guitarist James Jones, conspired to use his company, the company he founded, to supply methamphetamine and other weapons to a drug dealer.

The case is the latest in a long list of high-profile drug busts and arrests involving Jones Road.

Jones Road, founded in 1971, is best known for its smash hits, including “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Sick of the Heat” and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”.

Jones Road’s frontman James Jones was arrested on Tuesday (AEST) in Los Angeles, California, and was extradited to the UK on Friday to face a number more drug charges, including drug trafficking.

He is also accused of being part of a “significant” conspiracy to supply meth to a US drug dealer in December 2014. 

The band was raided by police in the United States in September last year and arrested in Los Vegas. 

Jones Road has also been accused of using its influence in the U.S. music industry to help set up the U-TZ record label in 2015, which was allegedly involved in the distribution of more than 200,000 MDMA pills.

Jones’ lawyer, Stephen Wilson, has called for the band’s arrest, arguing that Jones has “no prior convictions or outstanding warrants” and was “not part of any organized crime group”.

“He has no prior convictions, and he has no outstanding warrants,” Wilson said in a statement to MTV News. 

“There is no reason to think that he would be any different from other people who have been arrested in this country, or in other countries around the world, in the course of doing what they do.”‘

I’m going to get in trouble’The band released its fourth studio album, The Road Goes On, in 2017 and a sixth in 2018.

Jones was last year banned from the U – and the U of T, the province where he lives, from performing in 2017 due to a lack of licence.

Jones is currently on bail in the state of Alabama awaiting extradition to the United Kingdom.

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