‘White House Road Trip’ song with ‘crossy’ lyrics gets ‘cross’ from fans

On a day where President Donald Trump was making the case for a border wall on Twitter, a road trip song was released that featured lyrics that read “crossy roads,” which are usually a reference to the Mexican border.

The song, called “Crossy Road,” features the same lyrics as one on the song “Cross America” from the band “The White Stripes,” which is from the 1980s.

The White House released a statement on the video, saying it was an “original, original song” and that “the lyrics are not intended to imply any racial epithets, bigotry or hatred toward anyone.”

The song was produced by Chris Stokes, a veteran producer known for producing artists such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd, and was made by two-time Grammy nominee and “The Bachelor” runner-up, Chris Stoll, the White House said.

The band had previously released a similar road trip anthem called “Road Trip” in 2010.

It’s a little difficult to make a crossroads song, so I’ll just say this, you can take the road and cross the tracks.

But when you cross the road, you cross a crossroad, you’re not crossin’ a road anymore.

I love you, you and I, I just crossed a cross road, I’m crossin’.

It’s hard to say where this crossroad comes from, but we just made it up and that’s what the song is about.

The song was a hit in 2014, and in May of this year, the song became the first song to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song, a feat that no song from the Whitehouse Road Trip album has ever achieved.

“It was really fun to make, and I love the fact that it’s a cross of the tracks,” Stokes told The Associated Press.

“The lyrics are about being in the middle of a road and feeling the different parts of the road.

I think it’s important that when you’re crossing a road, there’s some sort of reference to crossing a cross.”

The White House did not say when the song was made or how much it cost.

The video has been viewed nearly 13 million times on YouTube and has garnered more than 16 million views.

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