Which roads are broken?

The roads at the heart of the city’s broken streets debate are no longer the same.

The most recent data from the city, compiled by Roadmap, shows that the number of broken roads has dropped by nearly a quarter since 2013, but only by about 10 percent.

The number of non-broken roads has risen by nearly four times since that time.

That’s because most of the non-breaking roads are not actually streets, but private roadways.

In the most recent report, published this month, the Department of Transportation reported that there were 6,800 non-rural streets in the city that had been identified as being in need of repairs.

That number rose to 11,000 after the first report in 2016, and is now at about 17,600.

But the number who were actually street-worthy roads is likely far higher.

According to the latest data from CALtrans, the city of Dallas is the most dangerous place in Texas for drivers to die on the road.

The numbers come from the most comprehensive annual study of the state’s highway safety.

CALtrans said it is based on data collected from nearly 1.5 million vehicles on the state road system.

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The Dallas area is home to a large portion of the nation’s non-street road population.

According the report, the number has risen about three times since 2011, to almost 7,000.

That includes 2,000 in Dallas, 1,700 in Plano, 1-800-CALL-DOT-GO, 1 or more in Planmoore and the city-county of McKinney.

The number of roads that are not roads, however, rose in Dallas by roughly four times between 2014 and 2017.

That’s because the city is now home to more than a quarter of all non-road roads in the state.

The latest report from CALtraffic shows that in 2017, Dallas had about 3,000 streets that needed repairs.

Of those, about 3-4 percent were broken roads.

By contrast, Plano had about 1,600 roads that needed repair.

The city-County of Plano said that of the 2,700 roads that need repairs, about 5-6 percent are non-working roads.

The city of McKinsey has the most broken roads in Texas.

According data from Caltrans, McKinsey had 1,500 broken roads, or about 6 percent of all the broken roads that were reported in 2017.

Plano also had about 5 percent of the broken road reports.

The City of Planos, however has more broken roads than all of the other cities listed in the report.

The last report by the city found that of 2,200 streets in McKinsey that needed a repair, only 5 percent were non-workable roads.

According CALtractions data, about 80 percent of McKinneys non-breakable roads are nonworkable.

The rest are not street-like structures like streets or sidewalks.CALtraffic is the source for this article.

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