When you go down the road, you gotta be prepared

California road conditions may not be what you expect when you head down the Golden State’s Highway 101.

While the road is designed to be the same for both the northern and southern states, some conditions vary, so keep your eyes open.

Here’s what to know when you go to California:When you go south of the mountains, things may be a little less snowy and windy.

Temperatures can drop below freezing, so be prepared to change into snow boots.

Drivers may also find themselves on a slippery surface, especially on the state’s highway 101 between Golden Gate and San Francisco.

If you’re going east on the highway, there may be less snow in the forecast.

But remember to check your conditions regularly to make sure conditions aren’t too rough for your driving.

Road conditions may change along the route between Los Angeles and San Diego, so drivers are advised to be prepared for icy roads and wet roads.

If there are more than three inches of snow in a 24-hour period, drivers should prepare for icy conditions.

The National Weather Service also notes that a storm may also develop, so if you’re on a road that’s going to receive a heavy rain and/or snow, be sure to plan for it.

If it’s raining and you’re traveling through a thunderstorm, you should plan for a snow or ice storm.

This could happen anywhere in the United States, including in the Midwest, where the Midwest is known for its thunderstorms.

In other news, the winter storm of 2017-18 is forecast to hit California.

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