When will it be reopened?

In the meantime, the road will be reopened for regular driving until December 31, the government said.

The road was closed for a second day last week, when authorities were unable to stop the leak of waste water from the road, which is believed to have caused the leak.

The main road between the city of Kwezi and the nearby town of Kanyimba was reopened on Thursday, a day after a large fire erupted near the road.

The fire is still burning and officials said it was unlikely that it could be contained until at least December 31.

The water that leaked into the road is believed not to have been contained and the road was reopened.

But the government is still concerned about the possibility of a third leak.

Officials said there are two possibilities.

They are that it has leaked out of the road and is still being contained or it has not been contained at all.

There is a lot of water on the road at this stage, they said.

Water from the leak is being treated.

At the moment, there are no further leaks from the main road.

Kwezi is a city of more than 10,000 people located on the western bank of the Nile.

Authorities have been struggling to contain the spill for months, and the water could pose a health hazard to those living in Kwezu.

In May, an explosion and fire destroyed homes in Kanyima village and damaged a hospital, the largest in the area.

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