What we learned from Idaho road cameras

The Idaho Department of Transportation (IDOT) has unveiled the first ever road cameras to capture all traffic on I-90 in the state, which will be on public display at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise this week.

The cameras, designed to provide a more accurate picture of traffic on Interstate 90 than existing cameras do, will be installed in five Idaho counties and one city beginning in January 2018.IDOT Director of Operations Brian Littman says the new cameras are designed to make drivers safer, and will not only help to monitor traffic but also be used as a tool to educate motorists about safety issues and other issues in the highway system.

“The camera will be a part of every vehicle on the highway,” he said.

“The cameras will help us track the number of drivers on the road and their speed, and we can then use this information to make safety improvements to our roadways.”

“This technology is coming to the forefront and is going to be a very important tool for Idaho,” he added.

“We can track and manage the traffic flow through this technology.

This is a very significant technology.”

The Idaho Department said the new road cameras are an essential part of IDOT’s safety operations.

The department estimates that between 500 and 1,000 cameras will be used on the new I-490 project, with the remainder installed on the I-75 and I-25 corridor.

“It’s going to make it easier to make safer and safer roads,” Litt, of IDOTS, said.

“When you look at the traffic in this area, we’re not seeing anything like that on the interstate, it’s not a large amount of traffic, it isn’t an accident-prone area.”

In 2016, Idaho received more than 100,000 speeding tickets, more than double the number that year.

IDOT officials have also been criticized for the poor enforcement of traffic laws.

The state currently has 6,700 cameras across Idaho, but it has recently announced that it will soon add 7,500 cameras in the coming years, making Idaho the most advanced state in the country when it comes to cameras installed on public roadways.IDOTS said in a statement that the cameras will provide drivers with a more efficient, more accurate view of the highway and increase the safety of motorists.

“By using the camera on I 90, we are making it easier for drivers to identify speeding or distracted drivers,” Lott said.

The Idaho State Highway Patrol (ISHP) said the state will install approximately 7,000 road cameras on I90 from January to December 2018.

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