What it takes to race dirt roads in Delhi

Dealing with dirt roads is a challenging job for drivers and engineers alike. 

In Delhi, the roads are littered with dead trees, fallen rocks and downed trees, and there are many vehicles parked on them. 

The road is dotted with junctions, traffic lights and parked cars. 

Drivers and engineers often find themselves behind the wheel in a chaotic situation. 

Dirt roads are also known for their heavy traffic, which is often the reason why drivers and crews get stuck at traffic lights for long stretches of time. 

Road Conditions, Dirt Road Anthem is a weekly column by The Times Of India to help drivers and teams cope with road conditions. 

This week’s column focuses on the condition of the road in Delhi. 

A Road is a series of signs, poles and road markings that can help the driver to know where to go and where to turn. 

Traffic signals have no visibility. 

They can’t be seen, they can’t tell a driver to slow down, and they can only be seen from a distance of several metres. 

There are often a few of them in one spot. 

Delhi’s roads have been littered with fallen trees and fallen rocks for decades. 

Even the state government has taken action in the past to try and improve the condition of the roads. 

During the Emergency in 2017, the state launched a plan to improve the roads by creating three lanes, adding pedestrian crossings, widening the lanes and installing crosswalks. 

But it failed to improve conditions.

The city government has been trying to revive the plan and recently launched a pilot project to develop three-lane roads with crosswalts. 

For a few months now, the city government and the Delhi Traffic Police have been working on improving conditions of the roads and creating three- lane roads.

Delhi Traffic Police Deputy Commissioner Kalyan Singh, who heads the traffic department, told NDTV that the new project is the first of its kind in the country. 

“There is an infrastructure of five lanes that have been installed across the city. 

Our project will start in the next few days and will be completed in December 2018,” Singh said.

 The traffic police will soon conduct a detailed survey of the three-way roads, and will also conduct an investigation to ascertain the cause of the conditions that led to the deaths of the drivers and the deaths on the road. 

We hope the work will bring relief to the families of the deceased, said Delhi Traffic Commissioner Shamsur Rahman. 

With the help of these efforts, the death toll of traffic accidents in Delhi has dropped significantly from over 10 in 2017 to two in 2018. 

Despite this, Singh said that the roads will remain dangerous, especially for the driver and the crew. 

He said that more than half of the deaths were caused by vehicles and the other quarter were caused when the vehicles were struck by people on foot. 

On Sunday, the Delhi Government announced a total of Rs 1.45 lakh in compensation to the family of the two drivers who were killed on Sunday, NDTV reported.

More to come…

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