What it takes to be a great kicker in the NFL

When I first started working at Bleacher Report, I spent a lot of time working with some of the best players in the world and I had to learn from them.

They had the best practice times, the best technique and the best mental game, and the most respect for their teammates.

As a kicker, you need to have that respect and the ability to have the balls hit the ground at the same time.

And you need that same ability to be able to make a great throw from the 50-yard line.

That’s why I started working with them after I got hired.

You can see it in their work ethic, in their mental toughness and in their commitment to the game.

When they come to practice, they’re all out there in pads and helmets, and they’re talking about football and getting ready for the next game.

As I watched them play, I started to think, Why aren’t they playing like this?

When they got in practice, I realized that they had to work harder than anyone else.

They got better every day.

If you have a team that’s dedicated to excellence, then that’s going to help you get to where you want to be.

I also realized that, if you want the best shot to be on the field, you have to have a mental toughness that you’re able to overcome the emotions and push yourself every day to get better.

The key to becoming a great kicker is getting up for every single play and not letting the pressure get to you.

I’ve always been blessed with good mental strength and a great ability to control my emotions.

I have the ability and the mentality to be the best kicker I can be at every single time, but that’s why you can’t let pressure get in the way of your success.

I hope you enjoy this article.

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