‘Trip to the Moon’ in 2018: Disney’s new attraction promises to get you to the moon

Disney’s trip to the moonscape is back in the spotlight after a string of spectacular lunar landings last year.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Walt Disney World Resort will open to the public at the end of 2018 and will have its first moon landing experience in 2020.

Disney, which has enjoyed a resurgence in visitors and earnings this year, has promised that the new attraction will bring the most dramatic lunar landing ever.

The new park will offer the same thrill rides as the previous moon landings, including an experience of a man on a rocket taking a “back-to-the-future” walk to a moon landing site.

The attraction will also feature a 360-degree view of the lunar surface.

But the new launch pad, which is slated to be open to visitors by 2020, is not the only launch pad that Disney plans to offer visitors.

The resort also plans to open a launch pad for its own launch vehicles.

Ahead of the launch of the new lunar landing site, the resort unveiled a series of photos that will show how visitors will get to the site from Walt DisneyWorld Resort.

They will be able to ride on a special elevator to the launch pad.

They can also hop on a specially created hovercraft and ride in the lunar rover to explore the moon’s surface.

Disney has not yet released the launch and landing schedule for the new site, but there are no other launches planned at the time of the park’s opening.

The company has also yet to reveal how much money will be invested in the new facility, but analysts believe it will cost more than the previous landings.

A similar launch pad has been opened at the Kennedy Space Center, where launches have been carried out by Lockheed Martin.

But the space center has not opened to the general public since 2012, so the park will be the first time a new space center will open at the park.

In addition to the new landings and launch pads, the new park is set to include a new attraction called “Space Mountain,” where guests can take a “space flight” on a spacecraft.

It will be based on a real space launch vehicle, which will be a modified version of the Delta IV Heavy rocket that launched NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in 2004.

This will be Disney’s second space launch.

The first one was in July 2017, but the launch was delayed because of a safety issue.

In October 2017, Disney announced it would launch the second mission in 2021, with a second booster.

The new launch will also have a different launch pad than the other two, and it will have a new tower.

The tower will have two launch pads.

It is also being called “the tallest launch pad in the world.”

The tower is not set to be operational until 2022, but it will be in service in 2021.

Disney will also launch the first lunar lander and will launch a spacecraft on the first stage.

There are also plans for an unmanned probe to land on the moon.

A total of seven new rides will open for guests to experience at the new space park.

The rides include: “A Space Odyssey,” “The Return of Superman,” “Space: 1969,” “Mars: Beyond Earth,” “Cinderella and the Crystal Empire,” “Hobbit,” “Frozen” and “The Little Mermaid.”

These are just the first rides.

The ride design and ride experience is still in the works.

Disney is also working on a new nighttime experience at Disneyland that will be themed around “Finding Nemo.”

The park will have nighttime rides that include “Fantasia: The Golden Years,” “Panda” and a nighttime movie that will premiere at midnight.

There are also other new attractions and activities planned at Disneyland Resort in 2021 that are still being developed.

There will be two nighttime rides at the Magic Kingdom, a nighttime film that will debut at midnight, and a new ride called “Tomorrowland,” which will open in 2021 with a nighttime adventure that includes the first “Cars” ride at Disneyland.

A second nighttime experience will be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the attraction “The World of Color” will open as well as the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Disney also has a new theme park called “Star Tours” in 2021 called “Mondays at Disneyland.”

The attraction features a ride called the “Sky Train” that will begin at 11 a.m. and will continue on through midnight.

There is also a nighttime ride called a “Star Trek” shuttle bus.

There will also be two new nighttime rides for “StarTran” at Disney Springs and at Disneyland, called “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” and the “Distant Planet” attraction.

The Wizard of Oz will open its own nighttime ride in 2021 at Disneyland Springs, which can be seen from a rooftop in the park, and will also serve

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