Nebraska is preparing for another big storm, the weather forecast says

Here are some of the conditions that could see conditions deteriorate further in Nebraska over the coming days.

How big will the storm be? 

The National Weather Service said the storm was forecast to produce heavy rainfall from the eastern Dakotas to western Illinois.

The storm could produce a few feet of rain or more by Tuesday night, the National Weather Center said. 

How bad is the storm? 

A storm of this size usually does not cause significant damage.

The National Hurricane Center said the winds could reach 100 mph. 

What are the possible impacts? 

The National Weather and Weather Service is warning of strong winds, storm surges, heavy rainfall, damaging wind chills and possible flooding.

The weather service has advised that people should be prepared for the worst. 

Do I need to be prepared? 


Wind chills can reach more than 100 degrees and wind gusts of up to 50 mph are possible. 

Are there any shelters available? 


Can I bring a car or carpool? 

It is not recommended to bring a vehicle.

The Weather Service warns that the storm could cause power outages, and that it may be possible to bring water into the storm, too. 

Where is the nearest shelter? 

You can find more information about shelter locations here. 

Will I be able to get out of the storm without power? 

Probably not.

Power outages can last for hours and a storm surge of up the high 30s is possible.

Power is expected to be restored to most areas by Monday night. 

If I need help, will I be in good company? 

There is an Emergency Operations Center at the Nebraska Public Service Commission.

It has been activated to help people get out in the storm and has some resources. 

Who is going to need the most help? 

People in flood-prone areas. 

I need help getting to work or school, but I don’t know how to get to my car. 

Is my home safe? 

Some areas may have a curfew in effect. 

You are probably safe from the storm.

The Nebraska Public Safety Department and the National Hurricane Centre are urging people to take extra precautions, and to plan ahead. 

Did you know? 

When you see a tornado, or other major storm in the forecast, be sure to be on the lookout for a strong updraft, a stormy air mass, or a strong rain or hail.

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