‘I’m the road warrior’: The story of the road Warrior

The road warrior is back.

This time, he’s going to get a lot of love.

The Road Warrior franchise, which was recently rebooted, is back, and the new hero, Road Warrior 2, is taking its cues from the Road Warrior movies.

It’s a reboot, with the new story set in a different time, and he’s a different hero.

He’s also got a different weapon: The car he drives.

And he’s also a new villain: The Road King.

Road Warrior is an American action movie franchise, with a number of movies released since its inception in 1997.

The original film, the one that has been widely celebrated for its memorable, iconic visuals, was written by Michael Bay, who also directed and starred in the reboot.

He adapted the film from a screenplay by J.J. Abrams, and it starred Vin Diesel, who has become a bona fide cult favorite in the film world, and Jai Courtney, who is currently best known for her role in the hit animated film The Legend of Korra.

Diesel and Courtney have become stars in their own right, and Diesel is the most recognizable face of the franchise.

He is a former actor, who made his debut as an adult in 2004, and is the star of the new reboot.

Diesel is a road warrior.

He uses his bike to go out and kill people, which is one of the core themes of the movie, as he rides through the streets of LA in a red Honda CRV.

He also has an arsenal of weapons, which are used against his foes, including a chain saw, a shotgun, a pistol, and a knife.

He has a new name, the Road King, which he calls the Road Hunter, because it is also his identity.

Diesel said that he is the Road warrior.

Diesel has a good reputation for making fun of himself and people, but he said that in the new film, his new nickname is Road Warrior.

He doesn’t have a lot to say about his character.

He said that his character is “not a very strong person,” and that he’s just “a road warrior” and a “road warrior who is not going to fight anyone.”

He also said that the movie is “really fun.”

He said he’s “very proud” of the fact that the character he plays, the new Road King of the future, is a “badass.”

“I’m just going to let him play that role,” Diesel said.

“I don’t care if he’s the baddest man alive.

He might as well be the guy in the background.

I want to play that bad ass.

That’s what I want.”

Diesel is one half of a big team that includes the two lead actors, Jai, who plays Diesel, and Vin Diesel (played by Diesel), who plays the Road Leader of the old Road Warrior movie.

The new movie is set in the near future.

Diesel says that he was “inspired” by the new movie, and that “the future of humanity is on the road.”

Diesel said, “The future of mankind is on that road.

I wanted to take a lot from it.

And so I got the car that I drive in the movie.

I had to make a lot out of that.

I just got it done.

And it’s kind of the perfect vehicle.”

Diesel also said the new sequel is the “perfect vehicle” for his character, as well.

“The Road Warrior, I guess, has a different purpose now, a different character,” Diesel explained.

“He is the road hero.

I don’t think he’s in there to kill people.

He just goes out and kills people, and sometimes people don’t survive.

I guess it’s a metaphor, I think it’s like that in this movie.

It is what it is.

But I don`t want to be too hard on him because I want the audience to be able to enjoy it, and I don�t want it to be over.

And I’m going to be playing that character in the sequel. “

This is the story of a new character.

And I’m going to be playing that character in the sequel.

So hopefully I can come back with a new, better role.

But he`s the guy I played in the first movie.

And his name is the new character.”

Diesel added, “I really wanted to come back and do the old movie with Vin Diesel and Jain (Nyad), because I just wanted to see how it was and be able for us to do that again.

And they really get along. “

And they`re a great couple.

And they really get along.

And when I go out there, I feel like I`m doing the right thing.

I`ve been a road fighter for a long time, so I`ll try to give him some of my old love. “But I

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