How to travel on golden road in Tasmania

A traceroute that tracked the route of a road along the Gold Coast is proving to be a bit of a challenge, with the GPS chip failing to pick up the GPS signals that were being sent over the course of the route.

The GPS chip failed to pick out the correct signal in one of the tracks and it took the tracker more than an hour to locate the track.

“The GPS signal is supposed to be used to calculate the elevation of the track, so it’s a very accurate way to track,” Tristan Walker, the owner of Tristan Road, said.

“We tried to use it and it would pick it up for us, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.”

Mr Walker said the track on the Gold Trail had been taken off-road for the last few weeks, but the GPS was still working.

“When we started this road back in February, we just wanted to put the GPS on the road to nowhere.”

But the GPS doesn’t know what direction to go in, so you end up with a GPS that picks up the wrong direction,” he said.

He said the GPS didn’t work for the road in the south and south-east.”

It was just a really frustrating situation to be in,” he explained.”

If you just had GPS and a traceroutes it works fine, but you don’t know which way it’s going to go.””

So it’s just really frustrating, because I’m hoping it’ll fix itself by the end of the year.

“Mr Tynan said the tracker would still be used for road testing and would help him track the course to be able to get an accurate time for the final result.”

That’ll be our last GPS for a while, and we’ll just go off on our own track and try to get the elevation correct so we can get that final time on the map,” he added.


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