How to stop biminis with a cartoonist

The “cartoonist” was not amused.

The cartoonist, who went by the name “Bimini Road Runner” and wrote for the webcomic, posted a note on Twitter asking the Twitter account to remove the tweet.

“Dear @twitter: Please do not delete my cartoonist tweet,” he wrote.

“It is not a threat, it is not libelous, it just points out the irony of the tweet, which is a satirical one.”

Twitter responded, “That’s hilarious.

We don’t remove jokes like that.

We remove hateful language and abuse.”

The cartoonists response came a day after a cartoon by the same name was posted on the Daily Show.

In it, a man in a tuxedo walks into a room and opens a window, and as he passes by the wall he says, “I’d like a cigarette,” and a cartoon of the man in the tux walks by saying, “Not in this room.”

The cartoonist responded, “#Biminis are for people who hate gay people.

That is not how you get a good night’s sleep.”

The Daily Show did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Bimins are a popular trend among people in Hollywood and beyond.

In July, Disney released the first episode of the Disney Channel’s new series, The Big Bang Theory, in which two people are forced to attend a bachelor party in their underwear and then kiss.

The episode was filmed in New York City, with a female performer dressed as a bachelor, while two male actors in bimbo outfits.

The show has since been canceled.

The cartoon was a response to a trend among gay men in the entertainment industry that involves a variety of male characters making sexually explicit remarks, including the actor who plays the character “Mr. Muffet.”

On Twitter, the cartoonist argued that the idea of the show was “misogynist,” but that it was just being done because it was “the new trend.”

“The #Bimin hashtag is a sexist, homophobic joke about bimbos.

That’s not a joke,” he tweeted.

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