How to save money on road and trail upgrades

A new survey shows Canadians are struggling to find the right equipment for the modern economy.

But how to make the most of the vast array of products and services available today?

“What I see is that there is a lot of overlap in what people need and want,” says Andrew Burda, president of BurdAway Canada.

“It’s just not the same for everyone.

The new technologies and products that are being put out there are so different.”

With that in mind, Burdan says BTO’s survey is an opportunity to make some important choices.

The survey asked consumers to choose from three categories: road, trail and utility, with each group representing different needs.

The most important thing to consider, Burden says, is the quality of the equipment they’re using.

“That’s the most important aspect,” he says.

“If it’s going to help them on the road or in the environment, it’s important to have the best equipment.”

Burdsays the majority of consumers don’t have the resources to purchase the best gear.

“It’s the same as people not being able to afford the latest smart phone, it is the same with the computer or the TV,” he said.

“There are a lot more products out there that have lower costs and lower quality than what we have today.”

Burda also says there are fewer and fewer companies offering the best value out there.

“We’re just not seeing that in the marketplace,” he notes.

Burdas survey showed that only about 20 per cent of respondents are familiar with the different types of road, and just 11 per cent know what kind of trails and roads are available.

That’s not to say the market is still barren, though.

The BTO survey found that, as of this week, the most popular option for road, road bumping and trail use was utility.

And, while the survey asked people if they would buy the latest equipment for their home, BTO found that more than 70 per cent said they wouldn’t.

“I’m not really sure what we’re going to find in the next year or so, as I don’t see any of the top-tier equipment in the market,” says Burdi.

“I would say we’re still looking at a very limited market.”

The survey also revealed a trend of consumers choosing a more basic type of equipment for trails and road use.

More than half of those surveyed said they would prefer a more lightweight device, with most choosing a single-pole bike.

BTO says a simple harness, harnesses or harnesses that fit in your pack could be a better option.

“The way we have our product now, it seems like the less you have to carry the better it is,” Burd said.

BTS is also looking into using harnesses and harnesses with other equipment, and is looking to sell them online.

“Our intention is to bring our products into stores in the future, as well as to provide it as a service for the consumer,” he adds.

“We want to have products that they can use in a variety of ways.”

The company has also expanded the product line, and has launched a new online store, called BTS Home, which allows consumers to purchase their equipment online and pay directly with credit cards.

BTH says the company plans to sell a range of products including a range, including a bike-specific bike.

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