How to protect your car from the wind at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

When you arrive at the airport, take a moment to make sure you have your car’s windshield wipers set to their highest setting.

DALLAS — If you have a windscreen wiper on your car and are on a windy day, don’t just throw it away.

A new study published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says you can use it to protect yourself from a variety of wind speeds.

In the study, researchers found that if a person were to open their window to a wind gust of up to 40 mph, they could expect the wind to strike them in a blow that could cause a serious injury or death.

It’s possible that the study may not be representative of the average wind conditions that people experience at airports around the country, said study author Christopher Schleicher, a professor of engineering at Texas A&M University.

If that’s the case, however, the study could help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries at other airports, Schleist said.

Windshield wipers at airports may not always be installed in the right places, so it’s important to be aware of their location when you’re at the gate, he said.

While windshield wiper installation can improve visibility and help reduce wind speeds, it’s still not a foolproof measure, Schliecher said. 

“If you open your window in a wind storm and wind hits you and it blows your car off the road, you can potentially injure yourself,” he said, “but that’s still just a small piece of the puzzle.”

The researchers said it’s also important to remember that the risk from wind is “not uniform.”

“In the end, it is the individual’s responsibility to make their own decision whether or not to take any action at all, but it’s not the role of the National Transportation Safety Board to set that standard,” Schlieicher said in a news release.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has been studying the effectiveness of windshield wiper installation at airports.

According to the report, people who were injured while driving at windy or icy speeds were less likely to get injured. 

The study, titled “The effects of windshield wiper windscreen wipers on drivers’ risk of injury: A systematic review of the literature,” is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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