How to prevent a car crash from getting worse

What if you see a car accident on a freeway or highway and your eyes aren’t on the road?

Here are some things you can do to prevent it. 1.

Take the first step: The first step to getting a car off the road is to get off the freeway.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says drivers who get into accidents on freeways and interstates are at a higher risk of serious injuries.


Keep the driver from going too fast: If you see the accident, you’ll need to keep your eyes on the highway, not on the car, NHTSA says.


Be careful when approaching: You can only use the lane when you’re absolutely sure there are no other cars on the roadway.

That means that drivers who can see the other vehicles are also going to be able to see you, so stay alert.


Take photos: A few things to keep in mind when you take photos of your accident: You must be at least 60 feet from the car.

You must stay in your lane and remain in the lane, and you must not use your hazard lights or siren.

You can’t use your phone to take photos.


Be aware of other traffic: If another vehicle is moving at a speed faster than you can see, or is going too slowly, you need to slow down and be aware of the situation, NHS said.


Keep your eyes off the highway: Don’t take photos on the freeway or in the middle of the highway unless you are absolutely sure you can’t see the car behind you, and be mindful of the road ahead.


Get out of the way: Drivers need to stay in their lane when they can see you and you can safely stop and look around.


Keep all of your lights and sirens on and avoid using your headlights and taillights, NHRSA says, especially in the daytime.


Keep moving: If your car is moving too fast, stop and slow down.


If you’re the one who has to take the wheel: Be patient.

If there are other cars in the road, they may not be able see you if you stop and wait.

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