How to get through the winter in a snow storm

It’s snowing and freezing outside and driving in Minnesota is still the same as it was last winter, even though there’s no traffic jams.

It was a bit of a surprise to me.

I’m not used to that.

I have a few things going for me.

There are no traffic lights, no people yelling at me.

It’s just a beautiful, blue sky.

The weather in Minnesota this winter was perfect for driving, and the best part is that the snow isn’t as heavy as the year before.

A lot of drivers said they felt comfortable driving with the snow off.

The snow will stop, but it will be a long winter ahead, said Kevin Fenton, who drove his 2014 Honda Civic in northern Minnesota in late January.

The forecast is so bad in Minnesota that the state Department of Transportation announced it is shutting down roads, highways and bridges to prevent the snow from falling.

It’s not a complete closure, but the DOT said that while it won’t close all roads, it will shut down major stretches of highways and major highways that are more than two feet deep.

Drivers can expect to see the road surface to be more slick and muddy, especially in places like north Minneapolis and western Duluth, where drivers are more accustomed to driving in the wintertime.

There are about 100 miles of roads that will be closed in Minnesota, the DOT announced.

Roads will be shut down from Duluth to Duluth.

Roads will be open from Dulut to Dulumbe.

It will be difficult for people to get around in the snow, especially at night.

Traffic will be diverted into I-94 north of Minneapolis.

I-90 and the interstate from Dulum to Duluz are closed.

There will be no snowmobile service between Duluth and Duluth because of the winter storm.

Driving in the area is going to be difficult, and people will be more cautious.

We’ve been expecting this, and now it’s here,” said David Miller, a traffic engineer with the DOT.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is warning motorists to stay out of the snow for their own safety.

They say the snow is falling faster than they thought it would and will continue to be dangerous as it moves inland.

There is a very high chance of freezing rain, sleet and sleet, ice, hail, heavy snow, freezing rain and sleeting.

There could be severe winds and possibly power outages, according to the National Weather Service.

A couple of hundred people in western Minnesota were in shelters in the hours after the storm, including residents of a home in Waupun.

The Weather Channel’s Brian Smith said the city of Waupaca is a prime target for the storm.

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