How to get the best out of the Harley Road Glide 2

The Harley RoadGlide 2 is a high performance electric road bike.

It is available in two different versions: the RoadGlider 2.2 and RoadGliding 2.4, with a combined price tag of $4,995.

The RoadGliders offer a more responsive ride and handling and are better suited to off-road terrain and longer journeys.

Both models have a built-in electric motor and a torque-vectoring electronic stabiliser.

The Motor is an internal combustion engine that has been tuned to deliver superior performance.

The motor and the stabiliser have been tuned by the Harley Electric Powertrain team for optimum performance on all terrain.

The motor is capable of reaching up to 30mph (64km/h) and is coupled to a five-speed gearbox, which is tuned to provide maximum traction and handling in the wet and dry conditions.

The stabiliser is a new addition to the Road Gliders range, offering better handling and more torque in the off-season.

The RoadGlides’ main feature is their electric motor, which gives it a great range of acceleration and a low rolling resistance.

The bike can also be configured with an electronic stability system that allows for the motor to be decelerated by a handbrake when required.

The electric motor is a six-cylinder petrol engine that produces 2,000lb (1,852kg) of torque at 6,000rpm.

The torque vectoring system adjusts the torque output to deliver the best possible acceleration and handling.

It also includes a variable geometry steering system that provides the rider with the ability to change the amount of steering angle and rake.

The steering angle can be adjusted via a steering column located on the top of the handlebars, and the rake can be controlled via a single-adjustable pedal.

This electric motor delivers a maximum torque of 7,500Nm (2,100lb/ft2), which is good for a top speed of around 60km/hr (37mph).

The bike has an output of 9.7kW (5.5hp) at 20mph (30kph), and can reach 60kmph (40mph).

Both models come with a range of tyres, ranging from standard carbon fibre to super-stiff, road-specific rubber.

Both have a range-topping 60mm wheelbase and a front hub-to-wheel ratio of 2:1.

The tyres also feature an aggressive, road surface tread pattern that makes them easier to grip.

A pair of shock absorbers, mounted on the rear wheel, helps to dampen vibration and vibration-causing vibrations, which reduce the risk of damage during the trip.

The front fork features a built in shock absorber and the rear shock absorcer can be swapped out for a customised shock.

The shocks are adjustable via a shift lever on the front, and can be upgraded via a gear lever on both the front and rear.

The bike has a range rating of 160km/hour (93mph), which puts it in the top five in the world, and is capable for a range on a single charge of up to 50 kilometres (31 miles).

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