How to get $60 off your first road bike deal

A coupon code for $60 of a new road bike can save you a big chunk of money, thanks to a program that lets customers use it to get their hands on a new model for free.

The program, known as Grandin Road Runner, was announced in October by the American Road Cycle Club and offers an early-bird discount of up to 75 percent.

That means customers can snag a pair of bike with a $2,500 price tag and get their first roadbike in less than a week.

The discount starts at $1,899 and goes through March 31, with $3,699 going to first-time customers.

The code can be redeemed on any brand or model of road bike that Grandin sells, and it can be used online.

The company’s website lists six models to get a discount, including the Kenda Grandin R2, which starts at just $1.6 million and sells for $2.8 million.

It’s a bike with an alloy frame that offers a good mix of road and mountain bike characteristics, as well as a lightweight fork, which makes it a great option for commuting and longer rides.

The R2 also has the best battery life of any road bike, according to the website.

For $2 million, you get a battery pack that’s rated to last 12 hours on a charge, plus 30 hours of road use, and you get 50 percent off the MSRP.

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