How to buy a ‘sporty’ electric road bicycle for under £50,000

The most popular electric road bikes available on the market today can cost as little as £40,000, with brands such as Schwinn and Continental coming in at a bit higher. 

But with the market rapidly maturing, this year’s list of the best electric road busses to buy and ride will only get more appealing as manufacturers launch their latest models. 

We’ve rounded up the best-performing electric roadbikes of this year, from the smallest to the biggest, and will update this list as new information becomes available. 

Read on for our top picks. 


Schwinn Electric Road Bike with a range of up to 200km electric range – £50k to £60k. 

Schwinn has long been a leader in electric road biking and its electric range is set to continue to grow.

This range is only about 20% of the standard range of electric bikes on the markets market, and it can be quite a steep price drop from a full electric bike, but it has some big advantages over the standard electric roadbike. 

The bike has a range, which can be further increased with a second battery pack, a rack, a battery charger and a range extender, but the range extenders are not really necessary if you already have a range that is more than 200km. 

This bike is also equipped with an ‘Ultra-Wide’ battery pack which gives it the ability to travel up to 170km/h and is more suited for longer rides than the standard battery pack. 

It is equipped with a high performance electric motor which can propel the bike from 0 to 100km/hr in 2.4 seconds, which is a huge improvement over the electric motor on most electric bikes. 

Its battery pack also includes a lithium ion battery which gives the bike up to 100,000km (62,000 miles) of range. 


Schwintek Electric Road bike – £65k to over £70k.

This bike’s battery pack includes a LiPo battery that is up to 500 times more powerful than the typical electric motor, so this bike is more capable of pushing a range over 200km and will not disappoint when it comes to range and range extents. 


Kawasaki KZ750 road bike – €85k to €100k.

One of the bikes in the top 5 for electric bikes in 2017 is the Kawasaki’s KZ 750. 

With a range up to 120km, it has a price point that rivals those of some of the other electric bikes, but its batteries are very good and you can upgrade to a higher capacity battery pack if you want to make more power. 


Trek Electric Road Bikes – £80k to under £100kThe Trek’s range is also very impressive, reaching up to 80km range.

The Trek’s battery packs are also the best in the market, which means you can increase the range and still get a lot of range without having to upgrade the battery pack and it is an ideal choice for a shorter-range bike. 


Kawasumi Electric road bike and Kawasaki Electric KZ bike -£70k to around £100,000The Kawasaki Kawasumis are well known for producing electric bikes with the most powerful battery in the world.

The Kawasums have been the leader in electrification in Japan and around the world and they offer the best range of any electric bike on the list. 

They also have a very high performance motor which is very responsive and can propel them from 0-100km/hour in 2 seconds. 


Shimano Dura Ace – £90k to $110k.

The Shimano is a brand that has a lot to offer when it come to electric bikes and this bike has it all. 

Shimano’s range of 110km (64 miles) means it can do some long rides, including from 1,000miles up to a 1,200-mile trip, which makes it perfect for those who want a longer-range electric bike.

 It has a good battery pack for its size and it has plenty of range, so if you are looking for a longer range bike, the Shimano will not be out of your price range.


Shimogumi – £85k for a complete electric bikeThe Shimogumis electric road range range is similar to that of the Kawasams. 

If you are a fan of the Shimos electric bikes or want something to keep you on the move, you should definitely pick one up. 8.

Yamaha Electric Road Bicycle – £100K to £130KThe Yamaha is the only bike on this list that can ride from 0km to 100k (62 miles) in 2 hours and 55 minutes, and this electric bike has the longest range of the group.

It is also the most expensive, but is also among the best performing, with the

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