How to build your own road bike with Lego

A lot of people ask me if I am a Lego builder.

I am not.

I’m just a guy who loves building.

I enjoy building things.

So when I heard the news that Lego was acquiring a major stake in a company called Off Road Warehouse, it was exciting and thrilling.

I immediately fell in love with Lego.

I was already looking forward to building my own Lego bikes and I loved how easy it is to build them.

I built my first Lego road bike when I was six years old.

I had already been riding around with a pair of road bikes from a friend’s garage.

I would go on to build countless Lego road bikes for years and I would build all the bikes I needed to get from point A to point B. Lego has a ton of awesome stuff and there are so many great Lego products out there.

But I’ve always been fascinated by the Lego company.

They’re all really cool, but the Lego brand has always seemed a little weird to me.

Lego is a bit of a family name.

They have the same logo, the same colors, and they all have the exact same name.

So the Lego name seems a little strange to me at first.

But then I began to think about what it means.

I thought about Lego bricks, and I thought of Lego people.

Lego people are very specific.

They can be Lego people in different ways.

For example, if you build Lego houses, you build them Lego, or you can build Lego castles.

There are also Lego people who love cars.

If you build a Lego house, there are Lego cars and Lego boats.

If Lego houses are Lego houses and Lego cars are Lego boats, then Lego people tend to build Lego things, too.

Lego was my way of exploring the Lego world, and that is what made me interested in Lego.

For me, Lego is about exploration, and exploring is really what Lego is all about.

I also love Lego trucks, and Lego minifigs.

I’ve built minifigures in Lego before, but I’ve never built Lego trucks.

So that’s what made the Lego deal with Off Road warehouse such a thrill.

When I heard about the deal, I was very excited.

I loved the idea of Lego going after a company that I think can help us with some really cool stuff, especially in the off-road space.

Off Road is a company founded by a couple of guys named Chris and Andrew Folsom.

They started their business in 2005 with their own line of Lego minis, but then they expanded into building bikes and building everything else.

They specialize in building custom-built, low-cost road bikes and have been selling them for a while now.

They are the only company in the world that makes bikes and custom-build them at the lowest possible price.

The Minifig Shop has been building Lego bikes for many years.

We sell thousands of Minifigs to people all over the world and we also sell bikes and other custom-designed, low cost, and lightweight vehicles.

The idea is that we build these low-budget, lightweight and powerful bikes at the same time that we sell the Lego bikes, which is what Off Road does.

The deal is that Off Road will use Lego parts in their bikes.

They will use parts from the company that made the original Lego bikes that they will use as well.

This means that Off RWD Warehouse will get access to Lego parts and we will be able to sell Lego parts to other people in the same way that Lego sells Lego parts.

Off road is a very different market from the traditional motorcycle, off-roading, or off-highway.

Off-road is the future of off-grid transportation.

Off Rwd Warehouse is an ambitious company, and the Lego acquisition is really a huge step for Off Road.

They really want to make off-ramps and off-roads into the mainstream.

I think the Lego buying will be a huge boost for Off RDW Warehouse, which has been in the making for some time.

This deal with Lego is really exciting and exciting for Offroad and I think that Offroad will be better off.

I believe that Lego will be the next big thing for off-range vehicles.

I can’t wait to see what they can do with this new Lego line.

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