How the D.C. Metro has fared in Metro-North winter conditions

In winter, Metro-Northeast transit ridership is down.

Metro-East ridership was down 1% in the same time period.

But D.A.R.T.s are seeing significant improvement in winter conditions.

But winter conditions are not what most riders are concerned about, Metro officials say.

“We are having a good time with snow and ice,” said Michael R. Allen, Metro’s general manager for the Northeast Corridor.

But ridership, which is up a whopping 14% in a year, is still down.

It was down 10% in 2018, 11% in 2019, 12% in 2020 and 14% last year.

Metro officials point out that while there are more trains per day on the Metro system, the trains themselves are not running as fast as they used to.

So the trains that get the most riders in the winter have more people on them.

Metro is not expecting that to change anytime soon, Allen said.

“The more people you have on the system, more people are going to be on the trains.

And that means fewer cars on the roadways, fewer people going to the gas stations, fewer cars going to grocery stores, fewer customers on the roads, fewer drivers on the highways.”

But Metro is hoping that more of those people will choose to take a trip outside of their homes for the holidays, Allen noted.

And Metro is also encouraging people to shop for gifts for their loved ones and for other special occasions.

We are encouraging people with little to no money to come and shop for special occasions, and they are really excited about that.” “

People are not going to rush to their car to shop.

We are encouraging people with little to no money to come and shop for special occasions, and they are really excited about that.”

D.D.C.’s weather and travel woes are also affecting the Metro’s travel system, according to Allen.

“D.D.-area travel is down,” Allen noted, “but that is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Dressing yourself in layers Metro is offering free clothing and accessories to riders who dress appropriately.

Metro also is offering special discounts on special clothing items, including dresses, skirts, hats and scarves.

The discount is only valid on Metro-issued clothing.

For more information, visit the Metropolitan Police Department’s website at and call Metro at 202-727-4464.

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