How Montana road conditions are changing

Montanans are facing tougher weather and less sunshine on roads.

Here are the main points.


Snowstorm is starting to slow down the pace of snowfall.

The snowstorm began Sunday and is expected to end Tuesday or Wednesday.

The National Weather Service said snow will be falling in Montana starting Tuesday night and continuing through Wednesday.2.

It’s getting warmer.

The mercury is expected in the 20s to 30s and is forecast to drop into the teens Wednesday night into Thursday.3.

The temperatures will climb.

Temperatures are expected to climb as high as the mid-40s Wednesday into Thursday, said Scott Ebel, meteorologist with the National Weather System.

The highs and lows in some areas will be in the upper 40s and upper 50s.4.

The precipitation will slow.

Temperable rain is expected over the next week or so.

The weather service has already noted snow will begin to fall Wednesday night and continue through Thursday.5.

Some roads are getting too close to the edge.

Snow has already fallen on some roads near the edge of the snowpack.

Snowfall can also fall as far as 70 miles away.6.

People are getting more cautious.

The forecast is for a few days of less snow on some routes and a couple of days of heavy snowfall along some other roads.7.

There is some new information.

The snowfall in Montana is expected at times to be much lighter than expected, said Ebel.

That could make it more difficult to stay safe.8.

A little rain is possible.

The average amount of rain expected in Montana on Wednesday is around 6 inches, Ebel said.

Snow could fall through the night or overnight.9.

The wind is a concern.

A new storm is expected Wednesday night.

The system will be moving across the Rockies and will bring some high winds, especially near the Rockies.

A tornado warning is in effect through Thursday night, the weather service said.

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