Craigslist: Hampton Roads is about to get some nice new apartments

The latest craigslist ad, titled “New Hamptons Road” and posted on Monday, details a new subdivision on the eastern side of Hampton Roads.

The subdivision is being built on the property of the owner of a large warehouse that was the site of a major fire that destroyed more than 200 homes in November.

The property, which was sold by the owners to a developer in 2016, was home to a warehouse and two condominiums.

Craigslist says that “New Hampton Roads Road” will have “four new housing units on the east side of the property.”

“We are adding a new family home, three more apartments and a second store,” the ad states.

“There will also be new public art on the south side of town.

There will also have a new bike shop, and the first new parking lot in years.”

Craigslist is offering to rent the property for $500 per month.

A total of two homes will be available for rent.

The listing is for two units at 908 Hampton Roads Parkway, Suite 400.

The first unit is for $1,050 per month and the second is for only $900 per month, while the third unit is only $1.50 per month per unit.

There will be a second building on the site, which will have six units for $2,100 per month a total of $2.6 million.

The listing is also for a building that is slated to be completed in 2020 for $3.5 million, according to the listing.

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